What everyone on furlough should know

Nicole put her time on furlough to good use – so when she was made redundant she had already taken charge of her situation.

Here she shares her story:

“After being placed on furlough in April 2020, I spent the first few months wondering about what the future held. I was always interested in going back to university to study for my masters and decided to take the risk and study a subject that I had no experience in – Careers Guidance and Development.

Having no experience, I contacted Next Step Edinburgh, who allowed me to volunteer and shadow their employability caseworkers to gain knowledge of the Third Sector and the services that they offered. After 8 months of studying and volunteering (whilst still on furlough), I was offered a full-time job working for Next Step Edinburgh, the same week I was about to be made redundant from my previous job.

Returning to study and choosing to upskill was the best decision I could have made, and I am really excited to start out in my new career”.


Our friendly caseworkers are here and ready to support anyone on furlough or looking for work in Edinburgh, so please do get in touch

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