The Hidden Jobs Market

Are you fed up going to the same job websites and hearing nothing back?

Wondering if you are perhaps missing a trick somewhere? Heard of the “hidden jobs” market but not sure where to start (its hidden after all)?

So, what is the hidden jobs market?

Essentially, it is any job that isn’t advertised in the public domain (or certainly through traditional job sites)

Is it really a thing?

Yes! A range of studies and research have been carried out about it and there are many jobs that are secured away from the general public. People who tap into it report on being more successful in finding the work that they suited to and within a quicker timeframe.

So, why do employers do it?

For any number of reasons, but it is no secret that it can cost a fair amount of money to post jobs on certain websites. Some employers have a referral scheme for existing colleagues and the calibre of candidate is generally much higher.

It may be that a particular store or office has a new opening that they don’t yet want to advertise.

It may be that the employer has only just learned of a staff member leaving and has not yet got round to advertising. If your CV lands on their lap at this very moment, you are instantly posing the solution to their problem.

How do I get involved then?

  • Talk to everyone about where they work, what types of roles are available, are there current openings. Friends and family can potentially ‘refer’ you or least of all, give you the correct contacts within the organisation.
  • Think about the geographic area you wish to work in, look at your skills and companies that you may be interested in working for. Do your research. Find out who the recruiting managers are and target them specifically. Create a positive speculative letter to go with your CV. Send it and follow up with a call to ensure they received it and do they want to discuss it further.
  • Use online networks such as LinkedIn to research companies and find the HR contacts. Set up meetings if you can.

Or let us take some of the strain by getting in touch. we will work with you to find and apply for these or any other jobs you may be interested in.

So get in touch:

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