Goal Setting For Your Dream Job

Blog by Kelly

1: Start at the end and work back

With any goal, you need to start at the end. What is it you are aiming for? If you don’t know, you won’t know when you have been successful in getting there. Imagine getting into a car, turning on the sat nav, then just driving aimlessly. Sure, you will find nice places along the way but you might eventually feel frustrated that you aren’t ‘headed someone specific’. As soon as you punch in the postcode of the destination to sat nav., you gain a focus and your route takes on a purpose.

This can be a bit tricky for a work goal. Especially if you have done the same thing for many years. Thinking about transferring skills into a different line of work can be hugely daunting. Where do you even start? What if you don’t even know what job you might want?

I always encourage people to do as much research as they can at this stage.

Ask everyone you meet what they do for work, what that involves and how they got into it?

Look at as many job pages and job descriptions as you can

Connect with an advisor who you can talk it through with

Reflect on what you do and don’t like in work, what can you put up with and what you really can’t

Be as open to ideas as you can at this stage. If you look in the same places you have always found the work you have done, you will always find the same kind of work

2: Be realistic

It is important to find work that exists. You can dream big in number 1 but if the job isn’t one that actually exists right now, you are likely setting yourself up to fail. Give yourself a chance by setting a realistic goal.

Also, if it is an area of work that you need to retrain in, how long will that be? Are you prepared to fund it? What does that look like?

3: Break it down

Okay, so now you have a job in mind and it’s one that is achievable.

You need to break it down into bite sized chunks or mini goals. Otherwise, the whole concept of a new job is just too big. These might be things you need to achieve in order to get closer to the goal, like attending some training. Or, it might be a barrier that you need to overcome like dealing with anxiety you have around communicating with others. Put pen to paper and write these down. Things become clearer when they are written and you are committing to take these on as part of your bigger goal.

For each mini goal, create a plan of how you can achieve them. Think about a logical order for tackling each one. And do one at a time. Take time to reflect on how you are getting on and don’t forget to look back and pat yourself on your back for what you have already achieved.

4: Get help

Ask a friend or family member to ‘have your back’. You need someone who is genuinely rooting for you. Someone you can call on to talk about your progress. This is what we do too, so don’t hesitate to contact us to help.

Ideally, you can prep your person to take on some accountability too. This gives them the right to give you a wee pep talk if you are falling behind, losing motivation and/or procrastinating. Having someone you ‘check in with’ is much like attending a Weight Watchers meeting. You know what you need to do but are much more likely to get it done if you are meeting up with someone on a regular basis to discuss.

5: Approach with flexibility

People can struggle if they have robust plans in place and things don’t work out as imagined. You are likely to encounter issues along the way and it may be that you need to alter your route. Think of the sat nav. again. If you are about to hit major roadworks, it will redivert you. You can still reach your destination but may need to rethink a part of your plan. If you have this in mind when you start out, you are more likely to navigate your way to work with less stress.

Visualisation is a great tool to help your brain figure out some of the solutions. Really conjure up the image of what your new work will be like, how will you feel when you are there?

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