John’s story

John approached Next Step as he had been out of work for several years due to going through a double hip replacement…

This severely hampered his ability to work but having returned to near full fitness, John wanted to return to work as a Commis Chef. He was originally looking for part-time work but as time went on, he felt fitter and fitter and was keen to do full-time work. He is currently 62 and said he wants to work into his 80’s if he can!

He had worked through an agency as recently as March but found it didn’t use his skill set so he didn’t consider it as real work.

Next Step’s Employment Officer, Ross supported John in developing his CV and writing a cover letter. He was then ready to navigate the job market, sending applications and CVs to jobs that appealed to him. It became apparent, however, that his age may have been a significant barrier to his employment. He was getting interviews and trial shifts but no further. He was even told by one employer that the last time he employed somebody in their 60’s, it caused problems with other team members and as a result would be hesitant to do it again. It was also suspected he was being taken advantage of – working for free under the guise of a trial shift and then not being offered work.

So, Ross decided to take a new approach and contacted employers on behalf of John. This was successful as John managed to get an interview with the Courtyard by Marriot at Herriot Watt. They loved him and offered him the role, he happily accepted and commenced work full-time. However, it became apparent that he was unable to work full-time due to his health issues and unfortunately, he was forced to leave.

Ross remained in touch with John and informed him of an open day at Debenhams which he was keen to attend. He was given a time slot and attended the interview. He was successful and was offered a part-time job as a catering assistant. He was overjoyed and happily accepted this role and has since completed the induction and has started work.