Client’s Stories

Since our launch in April we have assisted a variety of people towards better work in Edinburgh; people looking for work; people looking for more secure work and people needing employment advice or training.

Below are stories from just some of the many people we are currently assisting.

Kevin’s Story

I recently returned to Edinburgh after several years spent working abroad. I was looking for work when someone recommended I contact Next Step. Read more

Sheila’s Story

I have a chronic health condition and was in the early stages of recovery when my husband was made redundant earlier this year. Read more


Maria’s Story

I needed help with my CV and advice on interviewing, so my local job centre advised I contact Next Step. Read more


John’s Story

I had a double hip replacement and at 62, employers were reluctant to offer me a job so I contacted Next Step. Read more


Wed 23 October 2019 – over 500 people have started their journey towards fairer work

Next Step and Capital City Partnership were joined by MSP Jamie Hepburn to celebrate helping over 500 people in starting their journey towards fair work in work in Edinburgh  find out more